California Road Trips

Welcome to California!  I hope this Reference Page helps you in planning your own road trip to this large, diverse and wonderful state.  As my travel buddy says, "You could spend a lifetime and a half traveling around California and still not see it all."  I have listed some ideas from my blog.  Some of them are off the beaten path but worth the effort to see.  I will be adding more to the list as I continue my own travels up and down the state.  Bon Voyage.  Drive Safe.

Southern California

The Tehachapi Loop
Antelope Valley

Central California

Bristlecone Pines
Blythe Intaglios

Northern California

Giant Sequoia
Catalina Island

Death Valley

Watts Towers

100 California Wineries

  1. Bridlewood
  2. Charon
  3. Frangipani
  4. Thornton
  5. Rancho Sisquoc
  6. Tres Hermanas
  7. Sanford
  8. Claiborne and Churchill
  9. Saucelito Canyon
  10. Donati
  11. Rusack

                                  (to be continued with great enthusiasm)

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