Along the Mission Trail

Whether you follow the Mission Trail as a history lesson or as a spiritual pilgrimage, the journey is a fascinating one.  Be forewarned:  Once you start, it is hard to finish.  My original intention was to see all 21 missions in California, but the more I read about the Spanish Colonization of the New World the further I wanted to travel.  I realize now this journey begins as far back as Christopher Columbus.  I had thought the Spanish push into Alta California was a "too little too late" endeavor, but that's only because I wasn't grasping the larger picture.  Please join me as I piece together the expansion and the motivation behind it.  It will take me down into South America and across the U.S. to Florida.  It will, I expect, become a lifetime adventure.

Baja California
Alta California

La Purisima Concepcion

Santa Barbara
San Diego de Alcala
San Antonio de Padua
San Juan Capistrano
San Luis Rey de Francia
San Jose
Santa Clara de Asis

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