About Mimi and Me

Mimi is my muse, my model and my alter ego.  She and I worked together for many years in the retail world.  I rescued her from the dumpster, and she rescued me from mall monotony.  Her little voice has become a part of me, urging me every day to get off the sofa and out into the world once again.  With style! 

"Hey, dummy, have you forgotten you're a published writer?  And don't you have a journalism degree?"

"Oh, yeah, I guess I do."

"So use it!"

When I first started this blog forming a simple sentence took forever, I was so rusty.   But six years later the words are flowing steadily.  My research skills have kicked in.  I now take monthly trips to keep my blog current as well as scan slides and photographs of the 54 countries my travel buddy and I have visited.  Although I intend to travel abroad even more, I have discovered some of my favorite destinations are in my own backyard. 

Although this blog has turned out to be 90% travel and 10% fashion, seeking out those tiny stores in far flung corners of the world was my initial objective.  But I got totally distracted!  Caves and beaches, history, art and museums appeal to me far more than fashion.  (Don't tell Mimi that!)   However, I cannot buy clothes anymore without her approval.  Besides, clothes make great souvenirs.   "Is this Mimi worthy?" I always ask.  Believe me, she lets me know.

I hope my ramblings inspire you to get out there, too.  Enjoy!