Thursday, March 8, 2018

Nights at Hotel Murano

Exploring Tacoma, Washington

As part of my newfound determination to extend those magical moments far into the night, I now try to book extraordinary places to stay.  Hotel Murano in downtown Tacoma is such a place.  I toured the art museums by day.  I stayed in one at night.  The hotel houses an international glass collection.  The lobby is filled with gorgeous art and all 25 floors are dedicated to a single artist.  We stayed on the 22nd floor where the work of Peter Downing was displayed.   The receptionist has brochures available about the collection so you can take your own self-guided tour, floor by floor.

 If you are lucky enough to stay here on a sunny day, the view rivals the art.  We gasped when we walked into the room and drew the curtains.  There it was--Mt. Rainier in all its glory.

Once we parked our van, we didn't drive again for three days.  All the museums are only a few blocks away.  We had every intention of exploring some of Tacoma's downtown restaurants for dinner, but after being on our feet all day, our desire to get up again . . . well . . . simply vanished.  Why would we?  We were sitting in the lobby bar, surrounded by art, and drinking good wine by a warm and inviting fire.  We ended up eating at the hotel's restaurant on the 4th floor one night, and ordering room service the second night.

I think I'm on to something here.  No more blah generic motels for me.  Hint:  If you stay here on Monday and Tuesday nights, rates drop significantly.

Hotel Murano--worth the splurge.

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