Thursday, March 1, 2018

Chihuly Glass Walking Tour

Exploring Tacoma, Washington

Before leaving the Tacoma Art Museum, we picked up an enticing brochure that highlighted Dale Chihuly's art in the downtown district.  It contained a map with a self-guided tour.  So off we went!

Starting with the old Union Station, we made our way to its entrance.  This historic building is now a federal courthouse so we had to show identification to enter (a driver's license is adequate) and then we were given a stern lecture by the security guard.  Photograph the Chihuly art ONLY.

Yes, Sir.

I confess it was a bit nerve wracking to be so closely scrutinized, but I was thankful they still allowed us tourists in. 

By now we were faint with hunger, so we headed across the University of Washington's campus to eat lunch at the Swiss Restaurant and Pub where Chihuly glass is displayed above the bar.  The tables were filled with students and professors.  My travel buddy and I ordered fish tacos and beer and forced ourselves to eat slowly.  By now we had been on our feet for about four hours and welcomed the opportunity to sit and recharge our batteries.

The Bridge of Glass was next.  This is a pedestrian bridge over the busy I-705 and railroad tracks, connecting Tacoma's Pacific Avenue to the waterfront and the world famous Glass Art Museum.  We were dumbstruck by the remarkable art here.  Chihuly's Seaform Pavilion, Chrystal Towers and Venetian Wall.  I love the fact that a tourist on a strict budget can actually come here and see such amazing art for free. 

Bravo, Tacoma!

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