Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Nordic Skiing at Galena Lodge

I fell in love with this place.  Not only was it breathtakingly beautiful, but I gained confidence and skill on the groomed trails.  Even my travel buddy, who loves downhill skiing, decided to forego Bald Mountain and spend his days kicking and gliding instead.

"I go up there just for the food," the man at the visitor center told us.  And granted, this became part of the lodge's appeal.  After two hours of heart-thumping exercise, returning to the lodge for a beer and a thick gourmet sandwich really hit the spot.

Galena Lodge is located 23 miles north of Ketchum, Idaho.  The Nordic trails in Sun Valley weren't open yet; there wasn't enough base so we drove up here on the advice of locals.  So glad we did!

The high snowy peaks of the Boulder Mountains form a backdrop to the 50 kilometers of trails that traverse the terrain below.  It was our goal this week to get me to fall in love with cross country skiing again.  I had a few bad tumbles last year that left me weary of the sport and doubting my ability to continue.  Wisely, my travel buddy kept to the green-marked trails, and I am happy to announce that I did not fall once!

He didn't seem to mind being on the beginner trails one bit.  He often stopped and echoed my own feelings:  "You know, there is no place else I'd rather be."

It doesn't get much better than this.

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