Saturday, January 6, 2018

Frog Thinker

Art in Public Places
Hood River, Oregon

The sculptures along the Hood River Art Walk change periodically, so I make it a point to often walk the trail.  When I recently came across Ralph Trethewey's "Frog Thinker", it made me smile and . . . of course, pose.
 It also made me jump back into time when my travel buddy and I toured the Rodin Museum in Paris and . . . of course, posed in front of the real thing.  Though it is thirty years later and I am thirty pounds heavier (Yuck, but coming off this year, I swear!), I am happy to still be kicking. I am also proud to say I am still a thinker.  And this is precisely why Auguste Rodin's famous bronze sculpture is among the most beloved pieces of art in the whole world.  Who doesn't sit down with hands under chin and ponder the state of the world, so lost in thought that all outside noise is blocked out?  (Okay, maybe our current president.)

There are about 28 of these bronze castings around the world.  Many of them are in museums or in front of government buildings.  Rodin originally intended it to be a likeness of Dante, author of The Divine Comedy and to be positioned above center on the Gates of Hell, but it is the singular, more colossal one that has become so iconic.

If you're in Paris, I highly recommend an afternoon at this lovely museum.  There are over 300 of Rodin's works here and the gardens behind the mansion are beautiful and filled with his giant bronze sculptures.

Don't know when I'll get back to Paris, if ever, but I can revisit The Frog Thinker whenever I want.  I can sit down for a spell, think about the state of the world and then LAUGH.

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