Friday, December 8, 2017

Pendleton 97801

Since moving to Oregon two years ago, I have run into several fellow travel aficionados who have raved about the Pendleton Roundup.  I listen politely as they rattle on about the bucking bulls, barrel races, parades and carnival-like atmosphere that takes over this community for an entire week every September, but I remain nonplussed.  I'm afraid it's that old been there done that syndrome that tends  to infect me with a glassy-eyed demeanor whenever the word "rodeo" pops up in conversation.

I grew up in Coffeyville, Kansas, where every August the Interstate Rodeo and Fair was all everybody and anybody talked about.  My girlfriends and I would obsess about it for weeks. So no thanks.  I've had enough calf roping, bareback riding, cotton candy and ferris wheel rides to last a life time.  Make that, ten life times.

"But I've never been to a rodeo," my Southern California beach loving husband reminded me.


However, I am happy to write that this little town of Pendleton, Oregon, has so much more to offer than the September Roundup.  I had a wonderful two days here, shopping for Pendleton blankets, taking the Underground Tour, dining at Cimmiyotti's, sitting at the ornate bar for a beer at Hamley's Saloon, photographing all the lifesize bronzes on Main Street and adding another Carnegie Library to my peculiar little collection.  And yes, if you really really must buy a pair of cowboy boots, this is the place to do so.
Carnegie Library turned Arts Center

OH . . .  one more reason to come to Pendleton:  Alexander's Chocolate Shop.  I'm not kidding!  These guys make the best chocolates I've ever tasted.  Trained in France, their truffles burst with flavor and have the texture of velvet.  I can't wait to make their sipping chocolate for my sons at Christmas. To be served in demitasse cups, the drink is so rich and creamy.
Alexander's-a Serendipitous Find

So . . . okay . . . if my travel buddy really really insists on returning to see a rodeo, I guess I'll join him.

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