Tuesday, October 3, 2017

First Glimpses of Alaska

It would lift up great mountains, the highest in North America.  It would accumulate vast glaciers, none superior in the world.  It would house, for some generations before the arrival of man, animals of the most majestic quality.  And when it finally played host to wandering human beings coming in from Asia or elsewhere, it would provide residence for some of the most exciting people this earth has known:  the Athapascans, the Tlingits and much later the Eskimos and Aleuts.

                                                                                          James A. Michener

I didn't need the pilot to tell me that what I was seeing 30,000 feet below was a rare and spectacular event, but the excitement in his voice added to the wonder of the moment.  My travel buddy and I each had our own window seat on the right side of the plane hoping for this very thing to happen.

"Ladies and Gentlemen.  Please look out your windows.  We rarely see these massive glaciers.  They are almost always covered with clouds."

We were speechless.  Wide rivers of white flowing down to the sea.  Chunks of ice calving off the edge.  Jagged, snow encrusted mountains.  The entire landscape swathed in the blues and lavenders of a Monet painting.  And it seemed to go on forever and ever.  

Welcome to Alaska. 


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