Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Giant Igloo

Roadside Double Takes

We brake for wildlife, but when we drove by this giant igloo in Alaska, I shouted for my travel buddy to stop.  "What?  A  moose?  A bear?" he demanded to know while pulling onto the shoulder.   Then he saw what I was pointing at. "What the hell?"

We were looking at the oddest, most eerie abandoned building we had ever seen. A giant igloo sitting in a field of mud, obviously neglected for years and defaced with graffiti.

Turns out this kitschy building has been sitting here for nearly 50 years.  Meant as a hotel, it was never completed because of code violations and structural issues, although a few wolves and bears have been its guests.  It's a shame really.  I mean . . . who wouldn't want to spend a night in this place?  Too weird, for words.

Located on Highway 3, the George Parks Highway
22 miles south of Cantwell, Alaska
In the middle of Nowhere

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