Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Day in Haines

Cruising Down the Inside Passage

The above photograph is the view of Haines, Alaska, I had from my stateroom.  This is the only view I would have all day.  I was quarantined.  Somebody brought the flu on board and yours truly picked it up.  The doctor told me I could not leave my room until my fever had broken and I was fever free for 24 hours.

So I thank my travel buddy for the photographs he took of this beautiful little town.  I wanted him to be a "guest blogger" but he panicked at the thought.  Writing is not his thing.  So today's post is a visual diary of his day.  He toured Fort Seward, the Alaska Indian Arts Center, the Shelton Museum and the Hammer Museum.  And like the pal that he is, he took lots and lots of pictures of art, knowing how much I would have loved seeing all the masks and sculptures. 


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