Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Packing for Alaska

I am packing my bag this morning with a heavy heart.  Outside my window thick, sepia smoke from the Eagle Creek Fire is smothering the Columbia River Gorge.  A promise of rain in the days ahead will help control the fire's spread and clear the air, but 10,000 acres of forest have already been destroyed, and it will take decades for the area to recover.
Mimi is trying her hardest to cheer me up.  I am packing a big suitcase this time because I will need hiking clothes, urban street clothes and (yes!) dress-up clothes for those "gala" nights on the ship.  We will be spending a week in Denali National Park and then taking a slow boat down the inside passage to Vancouver.  Although I am packing a denim jacket, I suspect my black woolen pea coat will get the most use.  Summers are short in Alaska.  Fall has already arrived with cool, crisp temperatures and misty rain.
"And when you return, it will be Fall here, too," she reminds me.  The sky will be blue once again.  Rain will restore the earth.

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