Thursday, July 27, 2017

Quilt Row in Sisters, Oregon

Every second Saturday in July, thousands of travelers make their way to this little town in central Oregon to see the 1,300 quilts on display.  The quilts are designed and sewn by fiber artists from all over the world.  They range from traditional to contemporary.  Cutesy-wootsy to abstract masterpieces.

Although we missed the actual show, many of the quilts remain on display in the stores, restaurants and tasting rooms throughout the summer.  We spent a wonderful afternoon going in and out of the many stores to see these colorful quilts.  Many of them were true works of art.
Sisters is a lovely town, surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers, making it a tourist destination all year round.  The town has adopted a western theme, making it a fun place to stroll.  Since I worked in retail for many years, I thought placing the quilts in individual stores was a brilliant move.  I noticed I walked out with many an item.  A jar of olives here.  A book there.  A pair of alpaca socks.

  Quilts are good for business!

There are some wonderful art galleries, as well.  I took photographs of the pieces I wanted to buy--something that's becoming more and more routine these days.  Sigh.

But, hey, then I could afford a really nice lunch.

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