Monday, July 3, 2017

Cape Flattery

Every traveler I meet has a list.  Whether it's to see all 50 states, set foot on all seven continents or tour all the National Parks, these lists keep them dreaming . . . and moving . . .often into old age.  As for me, I have several of these lists going.  I realize, of course, that I would need the nine lives of a cat to achieve them all, but I have fun creating them.  For one thing, they are educational.  They teach me about geography. Like my Four Corners of the Contiguous United States List.

I want to set foot on all four corners of the bottom 48 and Cape Flattery in the state of Washington marks the most northwestern point.  This fact alone sent me into a euphoric state as I walked the Cape Flattery trail last month. But let me tell you, once I reached the end of the trail and looked down at the wild and rugged drama beneath me, that euphoria expanded a hundredfold.  Cape Flattery may be the best of the four.

Cape Flattery is located at the northwestern tip of the Olympic Peninsula on the Makah Reservation. You must get a permit before going out there.  Please honor this.  The permit is only $10 and there are many places to get one as you drive through town.  Just look for the signs.

The tribe maintains the trail and because much of it is a wooden boardwalk, there is constant maintenance.  Not only that, but there is a docent at the end who was a fount of knowledge.

It's about a mile out to the point with a slight elevation gain.  Be sure to stop at all four viewing decks.  There are sea caves.  Birds galore.  Rocky vertical cliffs. Tatoosh Island with its melancholy lighthouse.  The not so pacific of an ocean.  And another country beyond the strait--Canada.

In case you're wondering, the other three points are:

Friendship Park at the San Diego-Tijuana border.
Key West, Florida
Madawaska, Maine


  1. So true about the traveller's lists , Japan was on both mine and my husband lists. Your photos are wonderful, I can see why Cape Flattery was on your list. I so enjoy your posts .

  2. Thank you, Jill.
    I'm thinking of digging into my slide archives for the pics of our Cape Leeuwin trip back in the 80's--where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean in south-west Australia and posting it for my Down Under friends.(If slides not totally corrupted, that is.) That trip was another thrill!