Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ashland 97520

Home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

And more . . . .

Ashland Springs Hotel

Ashland, Oregon, is a great little town to explore.  Not only is it home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival but filled with fun shops, art galleries, good restaurants and a beautiful botanical park.

We booked our tickets for Julius Caesar online.  There were so many plays to choose from, it was hard to pick one.  But we were not disappointed.  It was amazing!  The minimalism of the props, the modern day costumes and the choreographed battle scenes were tight, focused and so intense that we were literally shaking by the time the play was over.  Despite the bloody drama and heart wrenching death scenes, it made us fall in love with Shakespeare all over again.  We are determined to make this an annual outing.

After the play we had drinks at the lovely Martino's and then dinner at Thai Pepper.  The night before, we had a delicious salmon dinner at Harvey's.  I can recommend all these places.  And be sure to take a stroll through Lithia Park before or after a performance.  There were some exceptionally beautiful trees like the Japanese Maple and an inviting pond that held us captive for nearly an hour.

Ah . . . and the shopping.  It continues to be a Catch-22 for me.  I saw so many beautiful clothes and crazy art pieces I wanted to buy, but I can no longer do so.  Does this mean I should stay out of the stores?  Heck no.  I'm learning that window shopping can be just as enjoyable; that window shopping is part of the travel experience.  And if I see something I can't live without?  Snap a photo.

My travel buddy chides me that I never want to go back to the same place twice.  Well, not this time.  I intend to return to Ashland and the Shakespeare Festival every summer for the rest of my life.

See you next year!

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