Monday, June 19, 2017

First Beach Drama

Olympic National Park

I have to laugh at the names.  First Beach.  Second Beach.  Third Beach.  It's amazing that over the years no one has resisted renaming them.  Good enough, I guess.  Only Third Beach is located within the boundaries of Olympic National Park.  The other two are on the Quileute Indian Reservation.

First Beach is by far the most popular because there's a parking lot right there with restaurants and lodging nearby.  No need to walk in.  As beautiful as the beach and sea haystacks are though, the people got on my nerves.  I witnessed a teenage girl having a temper tantrum and a little boy making obscene gestures at me and then laughing.      

   The upside is the birdlife at First Beach. We saw dozens of bald eagles and cormorants.  There is a marina close by and the birds hang around, hoping for a hand out.  You don't even need binoculars.

We stayed just long enough to see the birds (and to feel sorry for the parents of those unruly kids) and then we high tailed it out of there.  Later, over dinner, we talked about how lucky we were to still be in good health and have the energy to hike into more secluded spots.

And oh yeah . . . that our two boys are all grown up!

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  1. Beautiful place! But too bad about the misbehaviour. We have beaches called First Beach, Second Beach, and Third Beach in Stanley Park, our large downtown park. Yep, unimaginative, but I guess they work.