Sunday, June 11, 2017

Along the Rain Forest Nature Trail

Olympic National Park

The Quinault Rain Forest is at the southern end of Olympic National Park in Washington and this trail is an excellent introduction to what lies deeper within.  It's a teaser, let me tell you.  An easy 1/2 mile loop with interpretive signs on the forest ecology, it will leave you craving for more.

I was immediately reminded why I put "Temperate Rain Forests" on my Most Beautiful Places on Earth list.  The ancient trees dripping with moss.  The floor of ferns.  Fallen logs alive with fungi, lichen and insects.  Every square inch covered with multiple shades of green.  The air is cool and fresh.  Scents of cedar and pine linger long after you have walked through.
Because of this little teaser trail, we couldn't wait to get up the next morning and explore this magical world even further.  It was a good place to start!

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!

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