Friday, April 28, 2017

The Belmont District

Exploring Portland

Everyone I meet seems to have a favorite Portland neighborhood.  I've covered most of downtown and the Pearl District; it's now time to go further afield.  Two weeks ago I accompanied my travel buddy to his Mazamas Climbing Class, which happened to be . . . yes . . . in this charming area of Portland called the Belmont District.  It's in the southeast area of Portland, roughly bordering SE Stark Street, SE Morrison Street and SE Belmont Street between SE 12th and 60th.  I had a whole afternoon to explore the shops, parks and restaurants of Belmont.

And I must say, I had the best falafel of my life at a little food truck called Aybla's Mediterranean Grill.  Freshly deep fried and stuffed into a doughy pita pocket. Smothered with tahini sauce, thinly sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.  Absolutely delicious!

Then I bought a funky pair of red-rimmed sunglasses and set off for a long, long walk.

I got lucky with the sunshine, blue sky and flowering shrubs and trees.  With all the rain we have gotten this year, Spring has brought an over-abundance of blossoms.  Ornamental trees, heavy with blooms, were around every corner.  The colorful "painted ladies" and outsider art completed this chromatic mosaic.  Let me tell you . . . I was one happy shutterbug.

Being a Saturday afternoon, the streets were filled with people.  There are numerous coffee shops and bistros and bars along Belmont Street.  And they were all packed. Even a self-serve growler re-fill station, which had me intrigued.  It was very tempting to stop for a second lunch at one of the many Thai restaurants, but I behaved and opted for a chai latte instead. I think Portland rivals Seattle for coffee shops!

I'm not sure who got the better workout that day:  me or my travel buddy.  Walking aimlessly around city streets is my favorite kind of cardio!

I can't wait to explore more of Portland's crazy neighborhoods.  

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