Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Big Ole Log Cabin

Exploring the Pacific Northwest

When we first decided to move up here to the Pacific Northwest, we looked at several log cabins tucked away in deep dark forests.  We envisioned ourselves sitting by a roaring fire at night.  While kneading my daily bread, I would look out my window and see deer and bears.  Maybe even Sasquatch.   (Get a Pulitzer!) My travel buddy would get a hunting license.  Become a master craftsman.

 But our fairy tale burst once we started thinking about upkeep and snakes and other unwanted critters.  Weeks of being snowbound without electricity.   And  . . .okay, days upon days without seeing another soul.

We bought a nice, new condo instead.
So when we drove by this old abandoned log cabin in Appleton, Washington, we screeched to a stop.  All those romantic notions returned big time.  What a beauty this woodsy palace was.  Huge logs stacked up to form four solid walls.  A moss covered roof.  Charming dormers.  Who had built such a place?
A community of people, that's who.  Back in 1912, Appleton had big plans.  There was an apple boom.  The little town was going to get rich.  Grow and prosper.  They needed a town hall.  A place to gather and make plans.

Today, Appleton is not a ghost town but almost.  Someone (Thank you Someone) took the time and effort to put a fence around this beauty.  There's a playground behind it and down the street, a tiny post office.  But not much more.  Its population has dwindled to a mere 264.

During my travels, I've seen many such towns implode like this one.  But there's always something worth saving and that something still has the power (a hundred years later) to make people like me stop and look.  Admire.  And keep on dreaming.

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  1. I can definitely see how this place would reignite those dreams. What a beauty.