Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fields of Satin Flowers

Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

You know that Spring has truly sprung when these cheerful, colorful flowers begin to bloom on the bluffs above the Columbia River.  The Olsynium douglassi is the first of the wildflowers; others will follow and it is my goal to photograph them all.  I told my travel buddy that I was traveling no where this Spring.  Staying put in the Gorge. I want to witness the unfolding of nature at its best and that includes wildflowers. In my search for magical moments, they are right up there with rainbows, waterfalls and the Great Blue Heron.

Although I have watched them pop up one by one on top of the Mosier Plateau all week, the fields of these satin flowers (aka Douglas Grass Widow and purple-eyed grass) cover the open meadows of the Rowena Crest.  Last Sunday, I joined dozens of other flower aficionados in hiking the still wet, muddy trail out to the bluff's edge.  Many of us had cameras in tow and were shooting away.  It was a clear, sunny day.  The ghostly outline of Mt. Hood could be seen in the distance.  The purple satin flowers danced in the breeze.

It made my heart soar.

Spring is finally here.

Stay tuned for more wildflower posts
as Spring unfolds.

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