Thursday, March 23, 2017

Before I Die

Art in Public Places

Some people might disagree with my designation of this kiosk as "art".  But in my mind, it is.  It's an interactive art installation designed to get people to reflect on life and death.  A container of colorful chalk is attached and every single line on all four sides were filled in.  Some of the completed sentences are faded.  Some have been freshly written in.  I expect not a day goes by that someone in Hood River, Oregon, stops here.  Ponders.  And writes.

Today, it was me.  And my travel buddy.

He filled in a fresh sentence:  "Before I die I want to climb Aconcagua."  I traced over one, refreshing it with orange chalk.  "Before I die I want to visit every continent."

This is a community-wide Bucket List and it was fun reading them all.  Most were wishes to travel some place.  Some were more general and life-sweeping like having a baby or getting married.  And some were more tongue in cheek.
This kiosk is the result of the efforts of nurses and social workers of the Providence Hospice.  Many such installations are now popping up all over the world.  I think they are quite wonderful.  It certainly got me thinking.  I turn 62 next week and my own Bucket List has nearly 40 untraveled destinations on it.  Doing the actuarial math, I realize there's no way I can cross them all off, but really, it doesn't matter.  They are fun to make.  Fun to reflect on.  Such lists get my partner and I talking and dreaming and researching.

This is life.

This is art.

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