Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Folks at Miners Landing

Exploring Seattle

Bathroom anxiety.  This isn't a topic for a blog about magical moments but let's face it, every traveler in a strange land has experienced it.  I've known a few who have stopped traveling altogether because of it.  I once took a bus from Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende with my elderly aunt who screamed at the driver, "If you don't stop at a bathroom within ten minutes you better have a mop on board because there's gonna be a big old puddle on your floor."

He did.
And so I found myself running down halls and up and down stairs at a place called "Miners Landing" in search of a public restroom.  I figured there had to be one somewhere.  This looked like one of those tourist enclaves.  You know the type.  Junk shops.  Fudge.  Cotton Candy.  Fish and chips. Even a carousel.  It was early enough in the morning that the Ladies Room was freshly sanitized.  Ah, relief!

  I swear the old guy above winked at me as I walked past him.  (These old men do that to me, you know.)  He could tell I was a different person now.  More relaxed.  Eager to look around.  Look at him.

Then a chorus of voices sprung up from every corner of the place.

"Hey, lady, what's your hurry?"

"Hey, cutie, wanna take my picture?"

They were everywhere.  In front of every shop.  Unloading merchandise from the rafters.  Singing.  Hawking their wares.  Life size wooden creatures with big grins and happy dispositions.  Begging.  Extolling their charms.  Besieging me to hang out for awhile.

I snapped away, happy as a clam.  I had found my people.
I even started to laugh at myself, realizing I was becoming as crazy as my dearly departed aunt.  But you know what?  She was out there traveling the world in her eighties.  With obstinacy and a raunchy sense of humor.

I want to keep traveling, too, even when I'm white-haired, wrinkled and walking with a cane.  I'm not letting any anxiety stop this old gal.  No way! 

"Oh, for crying out loud," this wise one advised, "Just buy some Depends and be done with it!"

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  1. Hee! Hee! Those wooden people are wonderful!
    So true how all our focus can be pulled away until that magical relief and then we can notice our surroundings.
    Xo Jazzy Jack