Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sonic Blooms

Art in Public Places

I must confess that after being in Seattle for two days I was growing a bit alarmed by how much I was spending.  The entrance fees to the museums and popular tourist sites were fast depleting my funds. In the very near future our monthly income is going to drop even more.  Will I still be able to travel?

So what does this have to do with these fabulous steel flowers?  Because I adored them.  Because they caught me by surprise.  Because they were beautiful.  Amusing.  Unique. And FREE.

These giant flowers actually sing.  I heard eerie harmonic-like vibrations as I walked around them. It took me awhile to figure out the sounds were coming from the flowers themselves.  Each stem has a sensor which detects movement and emits a sound the closer you approach.  The more people around, the more music you hear.
Very cool.

Oh, and did I mention it was FREE?

I guess the answer to my own question is, "Yes, I will still be able to travel."  Only I will have to pick and choose very very carefully which site to enter, especially if there is an exorbitant fee.  Senior discounts, coupons and multi-site passes help but it's still going to cost money.  I won't be able to see them all.

But public art is always free and roaming a city's streets in search of these treasures is something I can always do.  I may not be able to visit as many museums and I may have to resist the temptation of all those tourist traps, but I'm guessing that in the long run it's going to pay off.  After all--the best things in life are free.

Like Dan Corson's Sonic Blooms.


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