Friday, February 10, 2017

Seattle Harbor Cruise

On my last day in Seattle, I bought a ticket for the one-hour narrated cruise aboard the Spirit of Seattle.  In other waterfront cities like Hong Kong, San Francisco and Sydney, I took these harbor cruises on the first day, rather than the last, in order to get myself oriented.  I think I'm going to change my tune from now on.  I loved seeing where I have been from the vantage point of the sea.

When touring a new city, everything is so new and exciting that your own adrenaline keeps you going at an accelerated pace.  Sitting on the upper deck of the boat while watching the world float by, forces you to stop, to catch your breath, to dream and to weigh the varied reasons that brought you here in the first place.

I entered a sort of dreamscape.  Although the narration was entertaining, I found myself drifting in and out, more entranced by the green and blue colors of the bay and the mist that was slowly enveloping the city in a veil of tulle.

   While the city faded, other destinations popped into my mind.  For me, this is always a good thing.  I love trips that spur the desire for more.

  As our boat entered the busy port area, I reminisced about our 2013 Panama Canal trip.  After watching freighter after freighter transit the narrow locks, I remember wanting to cross the Pacific on one of them.  I hadn't thought about that for awhile, but once that aspiration resurfaced in Seattle, I have not been able to get it out of my mind. 
I left the Argosy cruise with a sense of happiness and contentment.  I had come here for two reasons.  To explore a new city, but also to escape a debilitating depression.  Seattle helped me to understand that as upsetting as current events are, there is still beauty in the world and hope for the future.  She's not that far away that I can't hop on that train and return again and again and again.  Whenever the need arises.  

Good-Bye Seattle.

Until we meet again.

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