Friday, February 3, 2017

Breakfast at Pike Place

Exploring Seattle

I know I write about my early morning wanderings often on this blog, but watching the world wake up in an unfamiliar city is one of my favorite things to do when traveling.  Because my hotel was only a few blocks away, I walked over to the Pike Place Public Market every morning for breakfast.  One day I found a restaurant with a view and had endless cups of coffee in one of those thick classic white ceramic mugs straight out of a 50's Peggy Sue Diner.   Another day, I bought a bag of miniature donuts and took them up to the Urban Garden on the roof.

Magical moments.  Both of them.
It was still too early for many of the stores to be open, but the fish sellers and produce vendors were awake and preparing their stalls for the day's yield.   Mouth-watering fruit and vegetables lined the streets and alleys in and around the market.  The salmon and shell-fish were packed in ice.  Bouquets of flowers were wrapped in white paper and set in buckets.  

Although I had a Visitor's Guide and Map, I never even looked at it.  But as I walked through the maze of hallways and up and down stairs, I made mental notes of those offbeat places I wanted to return to later in the day.  There was a spice shop that looked tantalizing and a pair of silver heart-shaped earrings that would make a perfect souvenir.  And, oh, how I was craving the feel and smell of a paperback novel. 

The Pike Place Public Market is one of Seattle's original farmer's markets.  It was established in 1907 and over the decades has become a beloved shopping venue for locals and tourists alike.  There are three floors of specialty shops, restaurants, butcher shops, bakeries and arts and craft stalls. 

I never did make it back when the place was fully alive and bustling.  Dawn was my destination.  I helped open Pike's Place with the people who worked there.  With hot coffee and hope that the new day would enfold with beauty and wonder.

Good morning, Seattle!

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