Sunday, January 22, 2017

Chihuly Garden and Glass House

The Most Beautiful Places on Earth


This is the first time I have been prompted to add an art installation to My Most Beautiful Places on Earth list, but the vibrant colors, originality and scope of these organic glass sculptures caused this traveler to weep (and I'm not embarrassed to admit it).

I could have stayed here forever.

I have seen Dale Chihuly's work before in Las Vegas and Santa Barbara and have always admired the creative genius of this man.  He took the art of glassblowing into new, unexplored territory.  Although he studied interior design in college, he fell in love with glass after enrolling in a program at the University of Wisconsin.  He had found his passion.  And never looked back.

As I walked the garden path, admiring his work, it occurred to me that the placement of the glass sculptures played an important part in the overall effect .  I was no longer in Seattle, but on some alien planet.  Tucked between bushes and rocks and underneath trees, the glass sculptures themselves metamorphosized into plants. I was not looking at glass but living, growing organisms.

Of course, the massive suspended sculpture inside the glass house is a singular work of beauty.  For one thing the palette of warm colors complements the cool blue of the sky.  A cascade of glass flowers runs the length of this greenhouse--a greenhouse which until now, existed only in my dreams.

 The Chihuly Garden and Glass House is a long term exhibition, located at the Seattle Center.  There are several galleries attached to the house, which I will write about later.   Being able to see such incredible art is a privilege that is not lost on me.  I left this amazing place with reluctance and yet, a feeling of such happiness and gratitude that I have not come down from my High. 

And that is why, my friends, the Chihuly Garden and Glass House made my Most Beautiful Places on Earth list.


  1. Marea, this is truly spectacular I can see why it has made your list.I must also add it to my wish list of places to visit in the US for whenever that may happen. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I agree with you on placement - they did a fantastic work with this garden!