Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Culinary Afternoon in Los Olivos

Once again I find myself daydreaming about that guidebook I'm going to write some day.  I will call it "The World's Best Little Towns" and one entire chapter will be devoted to California.  Los Olivos may very well top its list.

I've watched this little town in the Santa Ynez Valley change over the decades from ramshackle mom and pop stores to sophisticated art galleries, boutiques and wine tasting rooms.  Many locals bemoan this fact, but I applaud Los Olivos for retaining its charm.  It's a very fun place to go for a weekend getaway, especially if you love good food and wine.

I adore the chicken souvlaki, homemade pita bread and dips at Petros, as well as the pork tenderloin and arugula salad at Sides Hardware and Shoes.  (Yes, that's a restaurant.  Don't you love it?)  But, of course, it's the wine tasting rooms that lure the tourists to the streets of Los Olivos.  It's an opportunity to sample the wonderful wines of Santa Barbara County without going out to the individual wineries.

After wine tasting and a meal, don't be in a hurry to leave.  Grab a chair and enjoy the warm Southern California sun.  Have an espresso and a cupcake.   Shop for a cowboy hat or a handcrafted necklace.

 This is what Los Olivos is all about!

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