Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter Wonderland Reflections

The pouring rain almost caused us to cancel our trip to Portland's Winter Wonderland light show Sunday night, but if we let a little rain stop us, we're in deep trouble here in the Pacific Northwest.

As it turns out, the rain added an extra dimension to the lights.  As we drove slowly around the race track, the colorful sets were reflected in pools of water.  It was so magical, I knew I wanted to write about it for my blog.

And that led me to the subject of reflection.
My two sons helped me to redesign my blog over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Much to Mimi's alarm, my "search for beautiful clothes" was deleted in my blog's description, but my "search for magical moments" remained.  But those words, too, caused me to pause.  Is this really why I travel?  To find magic?

Shouldn't I, as a travel writer, focus on more serious stories?  Shouldn't I write more about the muck and the mire underneath the magic?
I sometimes feel that my "search for magical moments" is causing me to walk through life with blinders.  But then again, magic has a more weighty meaning.  It can be a synonym for something wonderful and exciting, but it also means influencing a course of events through mystery, supernatural forces or illusion.

So as we drove around the racetrack in the pouring rain, I reflected on magic and the course of my blog.  There's nothing wrong with continuing my search, but the truth is, such magical moments can often pop up in the most unexpected places.  I found such a moment Sunday night at Winter Wonderland.  Not so much in the lights themselves, but their reflections in muddy pools of water.

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  1. So glad you didn't let the rain deter you as the Winter Wonderland lights are quite spectacular and the rain reflections are indeed magical. I find magical moments often occur when you least expect them and in the most unlikely settings.Aren't visiting sons handy for helping with technical things, mine are home at Christmas and I have some requests.Keep looking for those magical moments, I am sure Mimi will come around.