Thursday, November 10, 2016

Waking Up To Monkeys

Bali Barat National Park

Early mornings in Bali Barat National Park were among my most favorite moments of the entire trip.  The sun saturated the island with its Midas touch.  As daylight penetrated the gauzy curtains of my villa, I woke up with a happy anticipation of the day to come.  I threw on some clothes, shook out my shoes and dashed down the steps to the beach.
The soft golden light gradually faded and the wildlife began to stir.  Deer walked down to the beach from their jungle beds.  Black monkeys played in the treetops and jumped on the roof of our villa.  There would be no more sleep today!

 By now my travel buddy would be awake and we'd walk back down to the open-air restaurant for breakfast.  Every morning I looked forward to that first cup of hot, muddy Balinese coffee.  It was always accompanied with a basket of croissants and a plate of tropical fruit.  Absolutely delicious!
 Our days at the Nusa Bay Resort were filled with long walks on the beach and snorkeling in the crystal clear water.  Very few people were here.  Often it was just us and the monkeys.  

. . . oh, and spiders and snakes and lizards.

The resort is not easily accessible.  You have to take a boat from Labuhan Lalang harbor, west of Pemuteran.  But of all the places we stayed in Bali, this was the best.  Beautiful and relaxing.  The food excellent and the staff attentive.  

We loved every minute of it!


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