Friday, November 18, 2016

Black Sand Medewi Beach

Exploring Bali

I fell in love with this isolated beach in west Bali almost immediately.  For one thing, the locals couldn't place our accent.  "Are you Canadian?" we got asked a lot.  They were shocked when we told them we were American.  "But Americans never come here," they said.


 Most of the guests staying at Pura Dajuma were from Australia, although Germany was a close second.  Many of them travel here on a regular basis.  It's one of those off-the-beaten track places where you recharge.  You swim.  Paddle board.  Surf.  Eat.  Drink.  Watch the sunset.  Get a massage.  Heal.

 After three weeks on this island,  I finally got it.  You come to Bali to heal.

The gentle waves of the Indian Ocean lap against the black sand and large flat stones.  At low tide, we watch locals walk out and scoop fish straight out of the cracks in the rocks.  At high tide, we watch them cast their nets into the sea.  

The volcanic black sand puts me off at first.  I lived in Santa Barbara for nearly 30 years and when the sand turned black it meant tar and oil oozing up from underneath.  But this sand consists of clean basalt pebbles.  It's clean,  It slides through your toes and brushes off easily.

Like the other travelers who migrated to this lovely eco-resort, we fell into a slow and joyful rhythm.
We ate breakfast on the lawn with the roosters.  Then swam in the pool, read, or played in the ocean.  In the afternoon we slept and then swam again.  Around five, it was time for cocktails and the sunset.  Dinner and then bed.  It sounds boring, doesn't it?

But this is why you come to this remote, isolated part of Bali.

To do nothing.

But heal.

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