Friday, November 11, 2016

Beach Loving Deer

Exploring Bali

When I disembarked at the dock in Bali's Barat National Park, I scanned the beach and asked, "Are those deer?"  (Now a bit embarrassed by my question.  Of course, they were deer!)  But I couldn't wrap my head around it.  Deer?  On the beach?  In the tropics?  Deer playing in the surf?  Was I hallucinating?
I see deer almost every day here in Oregon.  But in the woods.  Along a hiking trail. Grazing in a pasture.  And they are shy.  Very shy. They might look at me for a second with curiosity, but seeing that I am human, they scamper away as fast as they can.  So fast I am unable to photograph them.  I get it.  It is a matter of survival.

But not here.  Not on this beautiful beach in front of the Nusa Bay Resort.  They walk right by us as if we weren't even there.  We were told not to feed them or try to approach them.  The staff was very adamant about that.

These deer are native to Java, Bali and Timor, but there aren't many of them left.  I applaud Bali Barat National Park for protecting them.  It is why national parks the world over are so important--they are often the last vestiges for animals that are sadly in decline in an out-of-balance world.

Beach loving deer.  Who knew?

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  1. This is what travel is all about. Unexpected unusual but hopefully not gross experiences to widen our outlook and invigorate. I remember seeing kangaroos on the beach for the first time and having the same reaction. Xo Jazzy Jack