Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Visit to Tanah Lot

Exploring Bali

This beautiful temple by the sea is one of those "must see" sites in Bali, and this time, I agree.  Although it is still overrun by us tourists, foreigners are not allowed inside.  AND this is the way it should be.  We watched a long procession of Hindu devotees dressed in white, walk down the hill and into the temple,  I felt like I was witnessing a true slice of Bali life.
Pura Tanah Lot consists of two shrines atop large jagged outcroppings of rock.  In between the two shrines are several smaller buildings and two pavilions.  There's the ubiquitous vendors, of course, but some of them are unique to the site, like Holy Snakes.

I had been in Bali for almost three weeks now and I realized I was beginning to relax and make peace with the carnival atmosphere of the place.  I had a good time that day. For me, it takes that long to adjust to a new environment, a new climate and a new culture.  It takes that long to find my niche. To no longer feel like a trespasser. When I walked back to the parking lot, I felt pangs of regret about leaving Indonesia.  I wanted to stay another three weeks.  Take the ferry to Java and a boat to Komodo National Park to see the famous dragons.

What a relief!

I did not want to go home.  I wanted to keep on traveling.

Forever and ever.

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  1. How annoying to have to come home just when you were hitting your stride! That is why we travel by living in places. We like to feel the groove of day to day living. Fascinating photos. xo Jazzy Jack