Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hidden Ubud Part Two

Our driver had taken us across the Campuan bridge into Ubud's center several times, but one day we decided to walk there from our villa and explore an ancient temple--the Pura Gunung Lebah.  It was built in the 8th century and is a beautiful example of Balinese architecture. The temple is nestled in a gorge, overgrown with lush, tropical plants at the confluence of two rivers.  How perfect is that!

It is an easy walk from the center of Ubud, as well.  Simply go west from the Puri Lukisan Museum until you hit the bridge.  You will see the temple to the right.  Follow the driveway and it will take you there.  Then backtrack to the bridge and take the steps down to the river.  It's a lovely setting.  This is hidden Ubud.  Unspoiled.  And magical.

Just north of the temple is where you can start the Campuan Ridge Walk, but we were already overheated and tired so we only went a little ways up the slope to the ridge.  Heat stroke is a very real danger and I came close to collapse more than once on this trip.  Those tall Bintang beers saved me! 

Please trust me when I say walking in this hot, humid climate can take a toll on you very very quickly (especially if you come from a cool temperate climate like Oregon).  Take lots of water and go as early as possible to avoid the most intense heat.  But GO!  The Bali of Yore is still out there to explore.  And this beautiful temple is a prime example. 

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