Friday, October 21, 2016

Hidden Ubud Part One

While walking back to the central Ubud Market from the Puri Lukisan Museum, we saw a tiny, hand-written sign posted on a wall:  Rice Terraces 50 Meters.  An arrow pointed toward a narrow walkway, between the shops.  We were a bit incredulous.  Yeah, yeah, we knew Ubud was surrounded by these beautiful fields because our villa bordered one, but a rice paddy in the middle of town?  Really?

So off we went.  The path took us behind a facade of concrete shops.  We had to jump over mud and step through a few pools of foul-smelling brown water.  (And I was wearing sandals.)  We met a young couple from Germany.  "Are there really rice terraces back here?" we asked.

They grinned.  "Yeah, yeah.  Keep going."

We rounded one more corner.  And gasped.

Suddenly, and I mean SUDDENLY, the noise, the tourists, the shops, the scooters and cars and  aggressive touts were gone, gone, gone.

 Pure magic.
At last.

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