Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Quest for Fall Florals

Like most travel junkies, I have a Bucket List of Destinations.  But lately, I have added another category to this list:  Clothes Worth Searching For.  And on that list is a "chiffon floral dress in autumn colors".

No pastels.  Nothing garish.  No big daisies (or little ones either).  No frou frou ruffles.  Is that asking too much?  Well . . . evidently.  Because I can't find one ANYWHERE.  I have found, however, a couple of tops and truth be told, these pretty fall floral tops fit into my traipsing-around-the-countryside lifestyle better than that oh so pretty flowy dress I covet.

So the dress remains on my list.  Much like Sri Lanka.

But someday . . . I vow . . .I will cross both of them off.

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  1. Lovely! And not a daisy in sight! : > Thanks for sharing, xo


  2. Coming over from Patty's party. I like the combination of the top with a hat. So unexpected, but it works great

  3. Maybe that dress is not meant to be for now but will probably magically appear when you have stopping searching.I really like the tones of your top on you and of course your hat.