Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Packing for Bali

We have been planning this trip for months--as a reward for all the trauma of moving.  But now that I'm packing my carry on for real, I find myself more excited about the leaving; rather than the going.

I did not sleep last night after watching the first presidential debate.  I can't wait to get away from computers, tv's, newspapers and tablets--away from Hillary and Donald and the potential disaster our country may face.

I can't wait to get away from my husband's job.  Because he works remotely, I am privy to conference calls, difficult people and impossible deadlines.

I can't wait to leave behind certain family issues--issues that are beyond my control and that will never go away.

Except for a blissful three weeks.

For three blissful weeks, I only have to think about what fabulous things I am going to see that day.  Rice terraces.  Temples.  Monkeys.  Beautiful dancers.  Batik.  Lakes.  Volcanoes.  Tropical fish.

Then why do I feel so guilty?  Why do I feel like I'm running away?  Putting my problems on hold rather than facing them.

Then again, that is what travel is all about:  Escape.  And peace of mind.

For a blissful three weeks anyway.



  1. It's understandable why you crave the LEAVING. All that stuff loading you down will magically evaporate once you arrive. Huuuuge sigh. I am excited for you! Love that snorkel gear...

  2. Enjoy your trip to Bali, it sounds like just what you need.

  3. By now you must be in a tropical world and all the leaving/going thoughts long passed. May all be as different from the status quo as possible!