Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lunch on the 30th Floor

Where to go for lunch?  Ah . . . that is the big question every traveler asks after a full morning of touring.  When you are alone, this question can weigh very heavy on your mind.  Although I like to travel solo at times, the dining alone always causes anxiety.  So I tend to grab a sandwich from a deli or a taco from a food truck and eat on a park bench.  Or skip lunch altogether.

But in the last couple of years, I have learned to quell this dread by eating at a restaurant with a view.  It's that awkward time between ordering and receiving a meal that causes the anxiety.  Where do I look?  Not at the other diners (always in pairs).  Cell phones.  Books.  Magazines.  These are my crutches, but I don't really enjoy these distractions.  Who am I kidding?

But a view . . . ah . . . a view.  When I have a beautiful view to look at, there are no awkward moments.  And so my choice became abundantly clear after touring the Lan Su Gardens in Portland, Oregon.  There it was:  The tall pink U.S. Bancorp Tower only a few blocks away with the Portland City Grill on its 30th floor.
I was seated by a window even though it was a table for four.  My waiter was attentive (and cute).  I spent the next hour soaking up the skyline of the city of Portland while dining slowly on a Caesar salad and the warm crab and shrimp BLT.

No worries.  No embarrassment.  Only bliss.  Only me.

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  1. I know what you mean about the challenges of dining alone. With views like this you could only gaze out the window and admire . A great tip , must remember , that,s the next challenge.