Friday, September 23, 2016

Finding Panther Creek Falls

A woman at the Visitor's Center in Stevenson told me about this hidden gem of a waterfall on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge so my travel buddy and I went in search of it last week.  Once we found the darn thing, it was an easy, delightful hike.  But finding it?  Oh, brother!

If it weren't for some thoughtful soul scrawling "FALLS" on the road, we would have driven right by.  Unlike Oregon, Washington keeps its waterfalls secret.  No signage.  But no crowds either.  I almost feel guilty writing about it.

 Well, okay, there was a sign!

Is this the trail?

Turns out it was.  Whew!  Anyway, to get you headed in the right direction, the falls is located about 13 miles from Carson, Washington.  Drive north through Carson on the Wind River Highway and turn right at the second (not the first!) entrance to Old State Road.  Then turn left on Panther Creek and go for about 7 miles (until you see the big FALLS on the road.)  Park across the street at a sort-of gravel parking lot and look for the trail heading down through a thick forest.

Good luck!

But, shh, don't tell anyone!

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