Friday, July 29, 2016

A Walk Around Lost Lake

Exploring the Pacific Northwest

When the weekends roll around, I like to vary my daily walk by driving a little further afield.  Recently, I discovered the beautiful, serene Lost Lake on the northern side of Mt. Hood in Oregon.  The walk around the lake is an easy one and only 3.2 miles.  But be forewarned.  Arrive early.  By 10 am at the latest; otherwise, there won't be a parking spot available and you'll find yourself parking outside the entrance and hiking an additional two miles in.

  The lake is very beloved by families.  There are picnic areas, camping spots and kayak rentals.  The General Store is a popular hang out for many a parent and kids,  Ice cream is a big draw!  But as I walked around the lake, I also saw many a child foraging for marionberries and splashing in creeks looking for newts.  My boys would have loved this place!

A very accessible boardwalk takes you through an old growth forest on the eastern shore.  As you turn and go up the western shore, the trail gets a little rough and you have to scramble over slippery scree and big puddles.  But this is also the side less traveled and this is where we stopped to have our own picnic of bread, cheese and freshly picked cherries.

The big draw is the magnificent view of Mt. Hood.  The best view is found at the North Day Use area and it is said to be the most photographed image in Oregon.  On a still day, the great mountain is reflected in the lake.  What a picture that must be.  

It was a bit too windy and cloudy for me to see a double mountain that day but I'll be back.  But you know what?  These pictures aren't half-bad! 


  1. I can almost smell the air. Beautiful photos. Now I have a hankering for bread, cheese and cherries. Leave it to me to see stunning views and then focus back in on the food!

  2. Quite spectacular Marea and your photos are beautiful. I am trying to convince my husband that we should revisit the US some day soon. He is both a kayaker and a bush walker, this could do the trick.