Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Test Garden of Roses

Exploring Portland

Don't know what I enjoyed most yesterday.  The overwhelming beauty of the garden.  The delicate fragrance that lingered in the air.  The drops of dew on petals.  The names like Sugar Moon, Mercury Rising and Champagne Wishes.  Or seeing a big, burly man lean over and smell a single rose and come up smiling.

All of the above, I suppose.
Portland's Test Rose Garden is located in Washington Park and is one of only 24 test gardens that develop new varieties of American roses.  There are four acres to walk through with 10,000 plantings.  Floribundas.  Grandifloras.  Hybrid Teas.  Shrubs. Climbers. Miniatures.  They are all here.

As well as other flowers.  And those beautiful, beautiful trees.

Note to self:

Buy some rose-scented perfume.

And return.



  1. A a lover of roses I can never resist a peak and this is
    quite lovely, as a trial garden there must be so many varieties.I can see why you are smitten.
    You look lovely for your visit to the roses.

  2. You look like a world traveler (which you are) who found a little peaceful moment in this magical garden. :) I love Portland and I am yet to visit this historic place, I've read about it before. There is a rose garden in Tacoma near us, I want to make a photo shoot there some day too. Your photos are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Natalia. And I hope to visit Tacoma!

    2. Thank you, Natalia. And I hope to visit Tacoma!