Monday, July 11, 2016

A Day at the Milwaukee Art Museum

We had only one day in Milwaukee so we had to pick and choose among the many wonderful sites to visit.  This beautiful old city is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan.   The sky was clear.  The temperature was warm.  The water, a glorious blue.  It didn't seem right to be cooped up inside a museum all day, but the minute I saw the giant white sail filled with wind and ready to soar, there was no turning back.

The Milwaukee Art Museum won.  Hands down.

We hadn't meant to spend the entire day there, but once inside, it was impossible to leave.  Our allotted two hours turned into five, and we still didn't see everything.  With 35,000 pieces of art stored within its walls, not even a full day would be enough.

We concentrated on what interested us most:  The contemporary and modern art which was indeed stellar, but what I love about the great art museums of the world (and this is one of them!) is the surprises one finds.  For me, it was the collections of Haitian Art and Outsider Art.

I left with a new country on my Bucket List:  Haiti.  How I would love to explore this Caribbean island's art scene.  Go to Port-au-Prince and see the work of the Southern School and then venture north to Cap-Haitien.  See the steel drum sculptures.  Wrap myself around voodoo and colors so bright they make my head spin.
I love this about travel:  How one place leads you to another.

Our day at the Milwaukee Art Museum reinforced our desire to see more of the world.  To keep moving.  Keep learning.  Keep appreciating what man creates.

 Because it is truly glorious.

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  1. Fascinating looking Art Museum , both its architecture and the art works inside. I must put this on my list for when we revisit the US. So true about travel and one place leading onto another.