Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Klickitat River Drive

We wasted no time unpacking, so eager were we to get out and explore once again.  The canyons bordering the Klickitat River have always intrigued us so off we went on a Sunday drive to check the area out.  We drove up State Route 142 at Lyle, Washington and then turned left at Glenwood Road where spectacular views of both Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood took our breath away.  Then we took Highway 141 back down to White Salmon.

The Klickitat River originates in the High Cascades near Tieton Peak in northwestern Yakima County.  The river flows southeast and drains into the Mighty Columbia at Lyle, Washington.  There is a trail that follows the river for 31 miles that would be fun to hike at some future date.  This loop, however, is a gorgeous drive if you're a little low on stamina (like us right now).

But we'll be back.   Next time with backpacks and boots.


We came across this beautiful old abandoned building (pictured below) near the town of Klickitat and noticed a sign posted to its door.  Evidently this is the only remaining building of an industrial site that used to be here.  Birders discovered the chimney provided a roosting site for Vaux's swifts and petitioned for its preservation.  The sign read:  . . .The flock typically swirls around the top of the chimney in a tighter and tighter pattern, eventually dropping into the chimney several individuals at a time.

The best time to see this wonder is in August and early September.  When I got home, I immediately wrote this down in my calendar.

Mt. Hood

Mt. Adams

Mt. Adams

Oh, yes, we'll be back!

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  1. I love your lust for exploring! I look forward to your bird post in the autumn.