Thursday, June 30, 2016

Historic Homes of Independence, MO

Before touring the Truman Presidential Library, we met our nephew for lunch at the Courthouse Exchange in downtown Independence.  It was a hot and humid day, but even so, I couldn't resist a side order of fried okra--a dish that is nonexistent on the west coast.  My travel buddy had never even tasted them and wisely withheld comments.  This gooey, stringy vegetable sent me back to my roots--  slaving over a pot of boiling okra and tomatoes on a hot summer day.  (With a pitcher of iced tea close at hand.)

 After lunch we followed the Truman Silhouette flags around the town to look at the gorgeous old homes.  Many of them had bronze tiles in front, explaining the relationship of the previous owners to President Truman. Like a poker buddy.  A first grade teacher who prevented the kidnapping of Margaret Truman.  The summer White House and Truman's boyhood home.

I applaud Independence, Missouri, for preserving these historic old houses. President Truman is the last of the "Norman Rockwell" presidents, and the town he grew up in is as folksy and charming as its most famous citizen.
Truman's Boyhood Home

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