Monday, June 13, 2016

Have Mercey on my Soul

On the road . . .again


Our three month ORDEAL is over.  I didn't think it possible for the pilot light that fuels my gypsy soul to blow completely out, but it did.  After being house-bound for weeks on end and spending each and every day sanding, scraping and painting; after waking up daily with the sound of rat-a-tat-tats from nail guns, saws and jack hammers, my nerves are shattered.

We hadn't intended it to be this way, but our self-imposed deadline demanded immediate attention and no down time.  By the end of May, our little cottage in Santa Barbara never looked so fresh and polished.  And I never looked so old and worn out.

"But we got 'er done, babe," my travel buddy reminded me.  "We got 'er done."

Normally, I am the one who plans our road trips, but this time all I wanted to do was get back to Oregon as quickly as possible.  I figured we'd pull up to a Days Inn or some other bland, cheap hotel along the way.  I just didn't care.

 But my travel buddy had done some homework.  After only being on the road for five hours, he pulled off The Five onto a deserted windy road through the middle of the Central Valley.  I was confused.  There was nothing out here, but rolling hills, cattle and rabbits.

"Where in the world are you taking me?"

He answered with a grin.  And the flame within me sputtered, flickered and flared.  I had seen the sign:

Mercey Hot Springs

He did good.

After settling into our little cabin, we walked over to the old rusty bath tubs and took a long hot, hot soak in sulphur water under the shade of trees and singing birds.
Later, a bottle of wine, gourmet sandwiches, chocolate bars and a walk up the hill to watch the sunset, restored my soul.

It hadn't taken much really.  A rustic cabin in the middle of nowhere.  A golden landscape.  The sounds of silence.  But more importantly, a companion who cared about me and understood exactly what I needed.

Mercey Hot Springs.  A little slice of heaven.

We are back in Oregon.  Our house in Santa Barbara is rented.  Our gypsy souls are restored.  Yippee! We are on the road . . .again.

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