Monday, April 4, 2016

Trail of the Restless Waters

Cape Perpetua
Central Oregon Coast

Don't you love the name of this trail?  Restless Waters.  How could I resist?  I was definitely going to hike this one!

As I look back at the photographs of my Oregon Coast road trip, the scenic area around Cape  Perpetua stands out as the most beautiful.  The Trail of the Restless Waters is a very easy and rewarding hike.  It is located behind the visitor's center and goes down to a narrow crevice between ancient volcanic rock.  Here, the Pacific Ocean enters, crashes and retreats in a dramatic thunderous explosion.  There is a viewing platform but it doesn't prevent people going right up to the edge.  Yikes!
This fracture in the basalt cliffs is known as "Devil's Churn".  Over thousands of years, the ocean waves gnawed away at the cliff and formed an underwater cave.  Its roof eventually collapsed, leaving this narrow chasm.  During violent storms, the waters turns into a milky froth.
There are other trails to follow, which meander around this beautiful cape.  We hiked about two hours before the rain became a little too relentless for comfort.

Rain or shine, this is worth a stop if you find yourself driving down the Oregon Coast.  But, please, do me (and the poor ranger who watches above) a favor.  Don't get too close to the edge!

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