Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Oregon Sand Dunes

As I sit here posting these pictures with wine in hand and nerves completely shot, I am repeating, "Only five more weeks.  Only five more weeks."  Today I painted the kitchen walls while roofers were pounding nails above me.  I have had a few anxiety attacks.  Am I going to get everything done in time?

But then . . . but then . . . I look at these photographs and am reminded why we travelers tote our camera wherever we go--near or far.  The magic is in the moment, yes, but also the hereafter.  I can feel that ocean breeze.  I can see the fresh elk prints in the soft sand.  I can marvel at the sensuality of this environment--so different from the jagged jarring basalt coastline that is Oregon personified.

Thank you, self, for taking these pictures.

Mark my words.  Some day this stretch of the Oregon Coastline will be a national park.  It is so beautiful and so precious.  It took millions of years of wind and rain to create this expanse of sand.  The dunes are the largest found in North America.  Some of them reach 500 feet.  Frank Herbert of Dune fame was inspired by this stretch of wonderment in the writing of his science fiction masterpiece.

As was I.  While soaking up the sun on the western slope of one of the dunes, I remember thinking, "There is no place else on earth I'd rather be,"

And that is the magic of travel.

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  1. I have a hard time imagining a herd of elk wandering through a "desert." It would be like seeing wild camels in an Oregon forest. Very cool image. Thanks for these photos of this unique place!