Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sea Lion Cave

This incredible sea cave, the home to hundreds of Stellar sea lions, is a "must-see" along the Oregon Coast.  It is located 11 miles north of Florence and is America's largest sea cave.  (Our own Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island off Santa Barbara is a close second.)

It is privately owned, which is unusual in this neck of the woods.  State Parks seem to line the rugged and beautiful coastline.  However, kudos to the owners for providing a unique and rewarding experience to the public.  A gorgeous trail high on the cliffs takes you to an elevator where you descend hundreds of feet into this vast cavern.  The winter months are the best for viewing because (like us) the seals take refuge from the rain and violent seas.  In the summer they will stay outside.

The seals are noisy and stinky, but utterly fascinating.  A viewing area is safely behind bars so have no fear.  It was great fun watching the seals jockey for the best position, get splashed by rogue waves and climb over each other in nonchalance or aggression.  It seemed like each one of them had their own unique personality.  I could have watched them for hours.

Oh, yeah, I guess I did!

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