Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chainsaw Wood Carvings

While driving through the small town of Reedsport, Oregon, on the way to an elk viewing sanctuary, my travel buddy immediately sensed my excitement at seeing the main street lined with fantastical wood carvings.  I was ready to jump out of the car at the first red light.  "Don't worry," he promised.  "We'll stop on the way back."

But . . . . but . . .There were bears and eagles and alligators and dragons right here.  Right now.  Yes, I was itching to stop.  But not to see elk.  Who needed to see elk?

Well, folks, let me tell you.  The elk viewing was a bust.  We could spot them in the distance.  Maybe two hundred yards away.  Little brown dots on the horizon.

Big deal. ( If we had remembered to bring binoculars, it might have been different!)

So back we went to Reedsport for a lesson in the fine art of chainsaw wood carving.

Who knew?

Many of the sculptures displayed in Reedsport were prize winners in chainsaw wood carving contests.  Evidently, it is very big up here in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.  There are clubs and guilds and newsletters and yes, big, noisy, messy competitions where the public is invited.  Oh, boy!  This I gotta see.  So down it went in my little book:  Number two thousand eight hundred and nine on my expanding Bucket List.

We had a fun time walking around the town and exploring the art galleries.  I  wished, yes wished, I still had a house where I could buy a big black bear for my front lawn.

But today (six weeks later) after carting nearly twenty boxes of junk to Good Will, Habitat for Humanity and the city dump, I take that last statement back.  I am cured of buying anything.  Ever again.

Okay, except maybe another pair of binoculars for the road trip back!

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