Monday, April 11, 2016

Braking for a T-Rex

Roadside Double Takes

We didn't get very far that morning.  After driving only 14 miles out of Port Orford, Oregon, we screeched to a halt to watch this enormous T-Rex gobble up the motorcycle parked next to it.  For the rest of the morning we entered a magical time warp into the Mesozoic Era  to walk among the dinosaurs.

This roadside Jurassic Park (Officially called Prehistoric Gardens) is an eerie, yet enchanting world.  Twenty-three life-size dinosaurs eye you hungrily as you walk through a rain forest of ferns and old growth trees.  I have to admit, walking through a forest will never be the same again.  My imagination is a little too fertile for my own good.

But that's what made it so fun.  The steel and concrete replicas were very well done.  We enjoyed that element of fantasy, as well as the scientific documentation along the way.  No creationist mumbo-jumbo here.  I especially enjoyed the geologic time chart for plants. Dinosaurs couldn't have existed without the lush plant life to sustain them.  The dripping wet coastline of Oregon seems so fitting for such a display.  And  beautiful!

Oh . . . and the motorcycle was gone when we left!  Gulp.

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