Friday, March 4, 2016

Roundabout Art

Art in Public Places

I applaud those planners and engineers and art council members who sit behind desks in those nether regions of city hall and try to come up with both an aesthetic and practical solution to runaway traffic.  In Bend, Oregon, they did just that and came up with Roundabouts.  Roundabouts with art.  That should slow people down.  Or at least ease the flow of traffic, right?


But I give them an A+ for trying.  They even came up with a clever public relations campaign, printing up a map of all 21 roundabouts to get people to "take a spin".  I picked up a Quiz, intending to answer all the questions and claim my prize at the Visit Bend Center.  I gave up after the ninth or tenth go around . .. and around . . .and around.  I got too dizzy.

Frankly, I should get a reward for finding a parking space for the first three and standing there patiently for traffic to clear.  That I took pictures of the art without cars is a feat of  dare devilry and determination.  For the rest of them, I stayed in the car while my travel buddy "spun" around and I snapped away.  Got his magnificent profile in the process.

Still . . .I can't help but wonder:  What was the prize?

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